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Audion Sealmaster Impulse Sealers
Use the Audion Sealmaster Magneta instead
Packaging Aids Audion Sealmaster 421-SA. Packaging Aids Audion Sealmaster.
Audion Sealmasters (from top to bottom) 620-SA, 421-SA (discontinued) and 300-SA (discontinued) with foot-pedal (standard) for table-top operation.
Audion Sealmaster shown mounted on optional footpedal stand, with polylock, workshelf and rollers.
An industry standard for decades, the Audion Sealmaster Table Top Bag Sealer is ideal for medium-duty applications of up to 1000-1200 bags per day. Used on PP/PE bags or film and light laminations up to 8 mil. The Sealmaster comes in three sealing lengths--12” (300 mm)-DISCONTINUED, 16.5” (421 mm)-DISCONTINUED, 24.5” (620 mm)-DISCONTINUED with a 1/8" seal width. Though the Sealmaster has been discontinued, get the same great Sealmaster quality with the Sealmaster Magneta Bag Sealers with magnetic lockdown for ease of use.

All Sealmasters have a timer and sliding knife cutter as standard features. The timer regulates the heat cycle automatically for consistently good seals. The sliding knife cutter trims the bags for a clean finish 1/4” above the seal. The open back pass through design makes it ideal for use with layflat tubing. Use the optional rollers to give easy dispensing of the layflat tubing. And use the polylock to hold down the tubing before, during, and after the seal cycle. A workshelf with bag support completes the workstation.

Very easy to maintain--the sealbar pops in and out in less than a minute and you are back in production. The new body style of the Sealmaster opens in the front or back giving easy access to the inside of the unit. Finally, the new head style is much easier to adjust with externally mounted adjustment bolts.

Footpedal operated. The Sealmaster can be mounted to a table/workbench or onto the optional footpedal stand.

Download Audion Sealmaster 300-421-620 User's Manual (pdf format)

Download Discontinued Audion 230-420-580 Sealmaster User's Manual (pdf format)

Ordering Information Below
Model No. Seal Length Price
300-SA 12" (300mm) DISCONTINUED
421-SA 16.5" (421mm) DISCONTINUED
620-SA 24.5" (620mm) DISCONTINUED