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Emplex MPS Table Top Basic Band Sealer
Compact and portable, the Emplex MPS6140 is the table-top version of the MPS6100. Ideal for lightweight sealing applications (up to 8 0z.). The newly re-designed MPS 6140 stand allows the sealing head to run at 0º, 45º or 90º for optimum efficiency. As you can see from the picture below left, you can run the MPS6140 completely horizontal by adding a product shelf.

Like the MPS6100, the MPS6140 boasts a wide range of standard features and capabilities. These continuous feed sealers have a standard control panel with the new PLC control system with touch screen HMI interface for programming and monitoring your sealer performance. The MPS6140 utilizes variable pressure sealing bars for the sealing process which accommodate for variation in bag thickness or composition, ensuring hermetic seal every time. All seals are created using economical etched Teflon bands which maintain high seal quality and produce consistently strong, clean seals on all heat sealable bags.

Minimized Seal to Product Distance - MPS Series machines reduce empty space found between the product and seal to its smallest physical limit, thereby reducing bag wastage, increasing shipping volume, and enhancing product appearance.

Fast Routine Maintenance - When sealing bands need to be replaced, Emplex’s unique design offers quick and easy change-over. No tools are required and it takes about a minute to change. Easy access to the sealer’s internal components and simple construction keep routine maintenance to a minimum.

Download Emplex MPS6000 Band Sealer brochure (pdf)

New Update Design - the next generation of MPS6000 series band sealers is now available. Here is a summary of the key upgrades:

  • Switched from Imperial to Metric tooling & measurement
  • Improved Cooling Fan for Cooling Section
  • Improved Pressure Roller Design
  • Re-designed Tilt Stand
  • Removable Seal Section
  • PLC Control System
  • Cool Down Switch standard
  • True Interlock Switch on control box
  • Improved Solid State Relay

Emplex MPS6140 Table Top Band Sealer.
Emplex MPS-6140 Table Top
Basic Band Sealer
with the new PLC control system.
Emplex MPS-6140 Table Top
Basic Band Sealer
with sealing head mounted at 90º
to run horizontally,
shown with optional product shelf
Technical Specifications of the MPS6140
Electrical 115VAC, single phase, 60 Hz, 600W, 6 amps
Motor Variable speed DC drive
Speed Variable up to 480 inches per minute
Temperature Controller PLC Control System
Temperature Range 150-500F (65-260C)
Seal Width 1/4”
Sealing Bands Etched Teflon
Weight Approx. 65 lbs.
Dimensions 18” H x 17” W x 17” D
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Part No. Description Price Order Quantity
MPS6140 Emplex Table Top Basic Band Sealer $6,280.00   Enter qty:  
1QA454M-A Infeed Product Shelf for Emplex Table Top Band Sealer $295.00   Enter qty:  
MPS-220V 220 Volt Electrical for Emplex Basic Band Sealer - No Charge Option N/C   Enter qty:  
MPS-LTR Left-to-Right Infeed for Emplex Basic Band Sealer - No Charge Option N/C   Enter qty:  
MPS-SEAL Non-Standard Seal Width (1/8", 3/8", 1/2" or 3/4") for Emplex Basic Band Sealer - No Charge Option N/C   Enter qty:  
MPS-STAND Adjustable Floor Stand for Emplex Table Top Basic Band Sealer call   Enter qty:  
SK-STAND-M Spare Parts Kit for MPS6100 $420.00   Enter qty:  
1P1250 Replacement Teflon Belt for MPS6100 $19.50   Enter qty:  
NOTE: For Conveyorized Emplex Band Sealers see the MPS6500 Series. Click here for Emplex Replacement Parts.
NOTE: Machines usually ship in 3-4 weeks, FOB: Ontario, Canada.
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