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Emplex MPS 7000 Heavy-Duty Band Sealers
Engineered for demanding environments, the Emplex MPS7000 series of bag sealers tackle heavy-duty, high-speed production requirements with ease. Built standard with 10” of heating and 10” of cooling (double the capacity of the MPS6000 series), each 5” heating section is controlled by the new PLC control system with touch screen HMI interface for programming and monitoring your sealer performance. Variable speeds can be reached in excess of 750” per minute.

The MPS7000 series utilizes variable pressure sealing bars for the sealing process which accommodate for variations in bag thickness or composition, ensuring hermetic seals every time. All seals are created using economical etched Teflon bands. The infeed system is capable of supporting significant bag weights without the use of a conveyor. Typically, the MPS7000 can support a 10” wide bag containing 2 pounds of product.

Conveyorized Units: For bags that require more support, the conveyorized MPS7500 series is the ideal solution. The standard conveyor size is 6” wide x 6’ long, with a fully family of conveyor options and sizes available to meet your needs. All conveyors are stainless steel, food-grade belt conveyors, complete with adjustable guide rails and are easy to manually raise and lower.
Emplex MPS-7500 Conveyorized Band Sealer
Add-On Versatility: A number of add-on options modify and enhance the sealing functionality of this series. These options include: trimmers, printers, embossers, conveyors, perforation units and more. This add-on principle means you can add-on any of these options at any time to the sealing unit, even after the purchase. Most take just a few bolts to add-on.

Fast Routine Maintenance: When sealing bands need to be replaced, Emplex’s unique design offers quick and easy change-over. No tools are required and it takes about a minute to change. Easy access to the sealer’s internal components and simple construction keep routine maintenance to a minimum.

Download Emplex MPS7000 Band Sealer brochure (pdf)

The MPS7000/7500 Band Sealers can be equipped with the ER60 emboss coder. The ER60 holds up to 8 characters of standard type and 13 characters of slim type, and is available in single line or double line versions.

The MPS7000/7500 Band Sealers can be equipped with the front-end bag top trimmer and vacuum trim removal combo. The blade is height adjustable for accurate trim positioning. The trimmer unit is easily and quickly removed for servicing or non-trimmed sealing.
Technical Specifications of the MPS7000 Series
Electrical 115VAC, single phase, 60 Hz, 1500-2645W, 13-23 amps
Motor Variable speed DC drive
Speed Variable up to 750 inches per minute (Optional 1000 in/min)
Temperature Controller PLC Control System
Temperature Range 150-500F (65-260C)
Seal Width 1/4”
Sealing Bands Etched Teflon
Weight Approx. 134 lbs. / 192 lbs (conveyorized)
Dimensions 45-57” H (adj.) x 64-82” W x 27” D
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Part No. Description Price Order Quantity
MPS7100 Emplex Dual-Heat Band Sealer $12,145.00   Enter qty:  
MPS7500 Emplex Conveyorized Dual-Heat Band Sealer $15,480.00   Enter qty:  
MPS7500-12-10 Emplex Conveyorized Dual-Heat Band Sealer
with Heavy Duty 12" x 10' Conveyor
$20,725.00   Enter qty:  
1QA420M-A Bag Trimmer and Vacuum Trim Removal Combo $2,345.00   Enter qty:  
1QA967-A Exit Trimmer $4,680.00   Enter qty:  
TIJ-MPS Weber X1JET TIJ Pro Rail Mounted Printer $3,810.00   Enter qty:  
1QA912-A Inline ER60 Emboss Coder $2,450.00   Enter qty:  
TypeSet1 Type Set Kit for ER60 Emboss Coder $577.50   Enter qty:  
MPS-Shelf Infeed Product Shelf for Emplex Band Sealer $285.00   Enter qty:  
MPS-Press S. S. Pressure Roller Assembly for Emplex Basic Band Sealer N/C   Enter qty:  
MPS-RPress Rubberized Pressure Roller Assembly for Emplex Basic Band Sealer N/C   Enter qty:  
MPS-220V 220 Volt Electrical for Emplex MPS7000 - No Charge Option N/C   Enter qty:  
MPS-LTR Left-to-Right Infeed for Emplex Band Sealer - No Charge Option N/C   Enter qty:  
MPS-SEAL Non-Standard Seal Width (1/8", 3/8", 1/2" or 3/4") for Emplex MPS7000 Band Sealer - No Charge Option N/C   Enter qty:  
SK-STAND-M-7 Spare Parts Kit for MPS7000 $390.00   Enter qty:  
SK-TRIM Spare Parts Kit for Trimmer $135.00   Enter qty:  
1P0443 Replacement Teflon Belt for MPS7000 $26.00   Enter qty:  
NOTE: For Basic Emplex Band Sealers see the MPS6100 Series. Click here for Emplex Replacement Parts.
NOTE: Machines usually ship in 4-6 weeks, FOB: Ontario, Canada.
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