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Emplex MPS Series Sealer Replacement Parts
West Coast Plastics Equipment supplies replacement parts for the Emplex MPS Series Band Sealers. Many parts are in stock and short lead times on the rest. If the parts you need is not listed here, please call us.
To Order, enter the quantity needed beside each item, then click the "Add to Cart" button at the top or bottom of the page.
Part No. Description Price Order Quantity
2Q0077 Bag Entry Guide-Front $53.70   Enter qty:  
1Q0271 Float Coupling $46.55   Enter qty:  
1P0003 Fuse - 3amp $7.45   Enter qty:  
2Q0079 Guide Block - Infeed Rail $44.90   Enter qty:  
1P0020 Heater Cartridge 2-1/2" $74.54   Enter qty:  
1P0021 Heater Cartridge 5" $98.64   Enter qty:  
1P1081 Infeed Timing Belt - White - For MPS6000 Series $134.10   Enter qty:  
1P0098 Infeed Timing Belt - White - For MPS7000 Series $179.39   Enter qty:  
1P0096 Knife Blade - Rotary 2" diam. $75.40   Enter qty:  
3Q0272M Pulley - Blue Rubberized Drive $105.90   Enter qty:  
1P5300 Relay $35.70   Enter qty:  
1P5301 Relay Base $21.45   Enter qty:  
SK-STAND-M Spare Parts Kit for MPS6100 $368.00   Enter qty:  
SK-TRIM Spare Parts Kit for Trimmer $126.00   Enter qty:  
MPS-SK-Lite Spare Parts Kit for MPS-Lite $275.00   Enter qty:  
1P1269 Stainless Steel Belt for MPS6000 - 35" x 1" $39.50   Enter qty:  
1P0448 Stainless Steel Belt for MPS7000 - 57" x 1" $44.00   Enter qty:  
1P0102 Teflon Belt - 33" x 1" x 6mil $18.50   Enter qty:  
1P0443 Teflon Belt for MPS7000 Series - 57" x 1" x 6mil $26.00   Enter qty:  
1P1187 Teflon Belt - 37" x 1" x 6mil $18.50   Enter qty:  
1P1250 Teflon Belt for MPS6000 Series - 35" x 1" x 6mil $18.50   Enter qty:  
1P1273 Teflon Belt for MPS-Lite - 26" x 1" x 6mil $18.50   Enter qty:  
1P0023 Thermocouple $44.40   Enter qty:  
1P0204 Timing Belt - Drive 150L050 $22.15   Enter qty:  
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