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Gramatech Replacement Parts
West Coast Plastics Equipment offers replacement parts for the Gramatech Impulse Sealers and Vacuum Sealers. If the part you need is not listed, please call us.
To Order, enter the quantity needed beside each item, then click the "Add to Cart" button at the top or bottom of the page.
New Part No. Old Part No. Description** Price Order Quantity
GNI-2518 IS7021-18 Gramatech Nichrome Element - 18" x 1/4" $14.00   Enter qty:  
GNI-2521 IS7021-21 Gramatech Nichrome Element - 21" x 1/4" $14.25   Enter qty:  
GNI-21 IS7060-21 Gramatech Nichrome Element - 21" x 1/2" $26.40   Enter qty:  
GNI-2526 IS7021-26 Gramatech Nichrome Element - 26" x 1/4" $15.00   Enter qty:  
GNI-2531 IS7021-31 Gramatech Nichrome Element - 31" x 1/4" $16.20   Enter qty:  
GNI-2536 IS7021-36 Gramatech Nichrome Element - 36" x 1/4" $18.20   Enter qty:  
GNI-2551 IS7021-51 Gramatech Nichrome Element - 51" x 1/4" $34.00   Enter qty:  
GNI-2561 IS7021-61 Gramatech Nichrome Element - 61" x 1/4" $43.10   Enter qty:  
GTE-200 TE-1533 Gramatech Zoned Teflon Tape - 2" x 5 mil x 36 yds $271.00   Enter qty:  
GTE-518 TE1527-18
Gramatech Teflon Insulator 18" x 1/2" x 10mil $14.00   Enter qty:  
GTE-521 TE1527-21
Gramatech Teflon Insulator 21" x 1/2" x 10mil $12.95   Enter qty:  
GTE-526 TE1527-26
Gramatech Teflon Insulator 26" x 1/2" x 10mil $13.60   Enter qty:  
GTE-531 TE1527-31
Gramatech Teflon Insulator 31" x 1/2" x 10mil $14.50   Enter qty:  
GTE-536 TE1527-36
Gramatech Teflon Insulator 36" x 1/2" x 10mil $15.80   Enter qty:  
GTE-50 TE1527-Roll Gramatech Teflon Insulator 1/2" x 10mil x 36 yds Roll $54.00   Enter qty:  
GTE-1518 TE1531-18 Gramatech Teflon Cover 18" x 1-1/2" (was TE1521-18) $13.90   Enter qty:  
GTE-2718 TE1534-18 Gramatech Teflon Cover (Upper) 18" x 2-3/4" $13.90   Enter qty:  
GTE-2621 TE1524-21 Gramatech Teflon Cover 21" x 2-1/2" (was TE1521-21) $13.40   Enter qty:  
GTE-2626 TE1524-26 Gramatech Teflon Cover 26" x 2-1/2" (was TE1521-26) $14.80   Enter qty:  
GTE-2631 TE1524-31 Gramatech Teflon Cover 31" x 2-1/2" (was TE1521-31) $15.90   Enter qty:  
GTE-2636 TE1524-36 Gramatech Teflon Cover 36" x 2-1/2" (was TE1521-36) $17.50   Enter qty:  
GTE-26 TE1525-Roll Gramatech Teflon Cover 2-1/2" x 36 yds Roll $126.00   Enter qty:  
GR-2018A RB1250-18 Gramatech Orange Sealing Rubber 18" $13.60   Enter qty:  
GR-2021A RB1250-21 Gramatech Orange Sealing Rubber 21" $13.20   Enter qty:  
GR-2026A RB1250-26 Gramatech Orange Sealing Rubber 26" $15.10   Enter qty:  
GR-2031A RB1250-31 Gramatech Orange Sealing Rubber 31" $16.20   Enter qty:  
GR-2036A RB1250-36 Gramatech Orange Sealing Rubber 36" $17.80   Enter qty:  
GR-200F RB1250-10ft Gramatech Orange Sealing Rubber 10-foot Roll $35.00   Enter qty:  
GR-200FR N/A Gramatech Sealing Rubber 10-foot Roll - large body machines $90.00   Enter qty:  
GR-2018 RB1221-18 Gramatech Black Vacuum Rubber 18" $14.25   Enter qty:  
GR-2021 RB1221-21 Gramatech Black Vacuum Rubber 21" $14.10   Enter qty:  
GR-2026 RB1221-26 Gramatech Black Vacuum Rubber 26" $15.10   Enter qty:  
GR-2031 RB1221-31 Gramatech Black Vacuum Rubber 31" $16.20   Enter qty:  
GR-2036 RB1221-36 Gramatech Black Vacuum Rubber 36" $17.80   Enter qty:  
GR-20FT RB1210-10ft Gramatech Black Vacuum Rubber 10-foot Roll $36.00   Enter qty:  
GP-509 PS5007 Gramatech Air Filter Assembly $71.32   Enter qty:  
GCT-100 ES-4011 Gramatech Terminal Block $15.80   Enter qty:  
GCT-101 N/A Gramatech Terminal Block - large body machines (51" & 61") $108.00   Enter qty:  
GCT-102 ES-4011HT Gramatech Terminal Block - 1/2" nichrome $32.00   Enter qty:  
GH-163 HW-9502 Gramatech Terminal Block Spring $4.50   Enter qty:  
GH-164 N/A Terminal Block Spring - Black $4.50   Enter qty:  
GH-162 HW-9502 Gramatech Silicone Rubber Spring $4.50   Enter qty:  
GNZ-301 NS3001A Gramatech Vacuum Nozzle, Stainless Steel $110.56   Enter qty:  
GNZ-314 N/A Vacuum Nozzle - Mighty Mutt $111.00   Enter qty:  
GS-126 ES4012A Gramatech Footswitch with Cord $105.00   Enter qty:  
GS-118 ES4000A Gramatech On-Off Switch $12.45   Enter qty:  
GS-109 ES4200A Gramatech Pneumatic Safety Switch - Airtrol $68.00   Enter qty:  
GS-105 ES4056A Gramatech Reed Switch with Light $53.00   Enter qty:  
GS-129 ES4004 Gramatech Relay - 50 amp, AC input $92.00   Enter qty:  
GS-129A ES4004DC Gramatech Relay - 50 amp, DC input $77.35   Enter qty:  
GT-105 ES4006 Gramatech Timer, Solid State $67.00   Enter qty:  
** NOTE: Length shown equates to model number of machine, actual length of part may be longer.
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