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Vertrod Open Back Impulse Bag Sealers
Open-Back Cabinet Style

P.A.C. has acquired the Vertrod Technaseal line of impulse bag sealers and improved the design of this industry standard. This ruggedly constructed open-back floor standing cabinet model thermal impulse heat sealer includes safer pneumatics and P.A.C.’s state-of-the-art solid state PCB control circuitry. Designed for hard workloads of multiple work shifts for up to six days per week. These sealers are capable of producing quality airtight/watertight seals in many materials ranging from seal temperatures of 200oF to 650oF.

Standard features include: 1/8” seal width, thermal impulse control system, open-back feed through body style, floor standing cabinet, rotary switch timer for each stage of seal & cooling, foot switch actuation, all pneumatic safeties, 115 VAC electrical, compressed air operated at 60-90 PSIG.

Optional extra cost features available include: top & bottom heater bars, 230VAC electrical, water cooling, trim sealing pressure bar, scrap blow-off (with trim sealing pressure bar only), wider seal (1/4” or 3/8”), small water recirculating package. Machines and options quoted on a custom quote basis after testing of your packaging material.

Download Vertrod Open-Back Style Bag Sealer brochure (pdf)

P.A.C. Vertrod Model V30P-OB
Open-Back Cabinet Style Sealer.
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To get Parts for Vertrod & Technaseal Sealers:
Nichrome Heat Elements, Teflon Covers, Silicone Rubbers & Electrical/Other Parts
Part No. Description Price Order Quantity
V14P-OB Vertrod Open-Back Impulse Sealer - 14" x 1/8" seal $6,995.00   Enter qty:  
V20P-OB Vertrod Open-Back Impulse Sealer - 20" x 1/8" seal $7,295.00   Enter qty:  
V24P-OB Vertrod Open-Back Impulse Sealer - 24" x 1/8" seal $8,740.00   Enter qty:  
V30P-OB Vertrod Open-Back Impulse Sealer - 30" x 1/8" seal $9,485.00   Enter qty:  
Top & Bottom Heater Bars
Call for quote   Enter qty:  
Cold Cut Wire Trim Seal (only available with 1/4" seal option)
Call for quote   Enter qty:  
1/4" Seal
Call for quote   Enter qty:  
3/8" Seal
Call for quote   Enter qty:  
Water Cooled Heater Bar
Call for quote   Enter qty:  
Stainless Steel Adjustable Work Shelf
Call for quote   Enter qty:  
Water Chiller (only with Water Cooled heater bar option)
Call for quote   Enter qty:  
Small Water Re-Circulating Package
(only with Water Cooling heater bar option)
Call for quote   Enter qty:  
Scrap blow-off (only available on PC units-cold wire trim seal)
Call for quote   Enter qty:  
Digital Temperature Controller
Call for quote   Enter qty:  
To get Parts for Vertrod & Technaseal Sealers: Nichrome Heat Elements, Teflon Covers, Silicone Rubbers & Electrical/Other Parts
Vertrod Open-Back Impulse Sealers are made to order and usually ship in 4 - 6 weeks, FOB: Cleveland, Ohio.
West Coast Plastics Equipment, Inc. (800) 392-8569, info@westcoastplastics.com
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