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Vertrod Steel Frame Impulse Sealers
P.A.C. has acquired the Vertrod Technaseal line of impulse sealers and improved the design of this industry standard. This ruggedly constructed heavy-duty open-back welded frame thermal impulse heat sealer includes safer pneumatics and P.A.C.’s state-of-the-art solid state PCB control circuitry. Designed for hard workloads of high temperature, thick material and difficult multi-wall packaging and fabricating applications. These sealers are capable of producing quality airtight/watertight seals in many materials ranging from seal temperatures of 200oF to 650oF.

Standard features include: 1/4” seal width, thermal impulse control system, open-back feed through body style, rotary switch timer for each stage of seal & cooling, foot switch actuation, all pneumatic safeties, 230 VAC electrical (115 VAC available on some models by special request), compressed air operated at 90PSIG.

Optional extra cost features available include: top & bottom heater bars, water cooled heater bar, trim sealing pressure bar, temperature control system, scrap blow-off (with trim sealing pressure bar only), wider seal (3/8”), small water recirculating package, water chiller.

Download Vertrod VPS Series Bag Sealers brochure (pdf)
P.A.C. Vertrod Model V48PS Steel-Frame Sealer.
P.A.C. Vertrod PS Steel Frame Pneumatic Impulse Sealers
* * * All Machines Sold on a Custom Quote basis
after testing of packaging materials-Call for Quote * * *
Model # Seal Length Seal Width Price
V36PS 36” 1/4” $12,880.00
V48PS 48” 1/4” $14,275.00
V60PS 60” 1/4” $16,410.00
V72PS 72” 1/4” $18,280.00
V84PS 84” 1/4” $21,155.00
V96PS 96” 1/4” call
Cold Wire Trim Seal
Water Cooled Heater Bar
3/8" Seal Width
Water Recirculating Package
Water Chiller
Heater Bar on Top, Pressure Bar on Bottom
Ported Exhaust
Scrap Blow-Off (with trim seal only)
Pneumatic Flying Knife
Anti-tie down dual palm controls
Temperature Controller with digital readout
FOB: Factory, Cleveland, Ohio