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Offering the Widest Selection of Sealers - Since 1945

As you can see from our extensive listing of Bag Sealers and Packaging Equipment below, West Coast Plastics Equipment offers the widest selection of Sealers. Our wide range of products allows us to supply you with the right machine for your application, so we don't need to make your application fit our machine. We've been doing this since 1945, so we have the experience and knowledge to help you with your application. Plus, we'll be around once you have your machine to help keep you running.

Manual Impulse Bag Sealers
Pneumatic & Motorized
Impulse Bag Sealers
Vacuum Bag Sealers
Economy Hand Sealers AmeriVacS AVP Impulse Sealer AmeriVacS AVN Vacuum Sealer
Economy Hand Sealer w/Cutter Economy Auto Sealers AmeriVacS AVS Vacuum Sealer
Economy Long Bar Sealers Gramatech GS Impulse Sealers AmeriVacS CAVN Self-Contained Vac Slr
Economy Foot Sealers Vertrod OB Open Back Impulse Sealers Emplex MPS7503 Band Sealer with Vacuum
Economy Hot Stamp Imprinters Vertrod PS Steel Frame Impulse Sealers Gramatech GVS Vacuum Sealers
Audion Pronto PRA-255 Sealer Gramatech MPV-18 Mighty Mutt
Audion Sealboy Magneta PlexPack VacPack IP66 Vacuum Sealer
Audion Sealmaster PlexPack VS1 Table Top Vacuum Sealer
Audion Sealmaster Magneta Promarks Vacuum Chambers
Audion Super Poly Portable Hand Held Sipromac Vacuum Chambers
Gramatech Portable Hand Held Vacuum Bags - Polynylon
Vertrod Portable Hand Held

Band Sealers Shrink Wrap Packagers Constant Heat Bag Sealers
Emplex ACS6200 Semi-Automatic System Clamco 6800CS Side Sealer Audion Futura Portable Hand Sealers
Emplex InstaPack Automated Sealer Damark Maxi-Pak Shrink System Economy Constant Heat Sealers
Emplex MPS6000 Basic Band Sealers Damark SM L Bar Sealers PackRite Hand Rotary Sealers
Emplex MPS6140 Table Top Damark ST Heat Shrink Tunnels PackRite Thermo-Jaw & Motor-Jaw
Emplex MPS6500 Conveyorized Economy W-Series I-Bar Sealers
Emplex MPS7000 Dual-Heat High-Speed Milwaukee Heat Gun
Emplex MPS14000 High Speed Sealer Shrink Film - Polyolefin
Emplex MPS7503 Heavy Duty w/Vacuum
FRM-1120C Economy Band Sealer
HL-M810e Table Top Band Sealer

Auto Baggers & Bag Loaders Medical/Validatable Pouch Sealers Other Packaging Equipment
Adv Poly T-300 Table Top Bagger Medical Heat Sealer Validation Clamshell Sealer
Adv Poly T-375 Table Top Bagger with Printer Emplex MPS6300 Medical Band Sealers Hand Irons - Model S
Adv Poly T-1000 Advanced Bagger Plexpack VacPack VP Medical Sealers Heat Seal Food Wrappers
Clamco R1275 Automatic Rollbagger Heat Seal Hot Plates
Clamco R3200 Automatic Rollbagger Hot Stamp Imprinters
PAC 350T Flow Wrapper HFFS
PAC FW-400F Flow Wrapper HFFS

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