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The AmeriVacS AVS-20 Vacuum Sealer is foot pedal activated vacuum packaging at its finest. The AVN’s 1/4” wide-sealing element delivers a leak proof seal using any kind and thickness of flexible bags including clear, foil (Mylar), mil spec and ESD bags.

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Sealers ship in 2-4 Days FOB: San Diego, CA.

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AVS-20AmeriVacS Vacuum Sealer - 20" x 1/4" seal$2,540.00
Series AVS Options Available$0.00
BAS-20Bi-Active Seal, Upper & Lower Heating Elements for AVS-20$795.00
SS-20Stainless Steel Upgrade for AVS-20$750.00
220PX220 Volt A.C. Conversion$350.00
DNDual Nozzle with Dual Vacuum Pumps$765.00
LPCLow-Pressure Bar Close$250.00
TCDigital Temperature Control$1,995.00
PEPorted Exhaust$350.00
AFCoalescing Air Filter$240.00
VFVacuum Filter$150.00
VRVacuum Regulator$150.00
STANDMulti-Position Stand$985.00
TRAYWork Tray 20" x 12"$95.00

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The AVS is perfect for food, pharmaceutical, medical, electronics, clean room, and any general applications where moisture and oxygen are a threat to your product. With one touch of the pedal, the AVS vacuums out oxygen to protect and extend the life of your product. This quality vacuum sealer is also great for reducing the bulk of items or keeping them from wear due to friction during transportation. Clean room compatible, the AVS is also ideal for dry packaging applications on trays, tape and reel, tubes, and a variety of SMD shipping containers.

Combine the AVS’s precise automation with speed, extensive safety features, and incredible durability. Providing additional functionality and convenience, the AVS’s vacuum function can be switched off for impulse sealing only.

The AVS is hand assembled in the USA at the AmeriVacS factory using only superior grade components. It is offered in the most popular seal length of 20″ and can be custom configured to meet CE certification requirements.

Model Seal
L x W x H
Vacuum Flow/
Air Req.
Min Air
Comp Size

AVS-20 1/4″ 20” 28 x 10 x 7 6 CFM @110PSI 15+ Gallon 8A @120V
* Price includes handling fee.

NOTE: Machines usually ship in 2-4 days, FOB: San Diego, CA.

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