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MAGNETIC LOCKDOWN! The Sealmaster Magneta is a popular model in the range of sealing machines from Audion Elektro and Packaging Aids Corp. It features featherlight operation. The upper jaw can be closed by the slightest pressure of one finger or by an optional foot pedal; then a powerful electromagnet holds the jaws closed while the bag is sealed. The sealing and cooling time is automatically cycled before the upper arm rises to release the sealed bag. The sliding knife for trim seal is standard.

Sealmaster Magneta Datasheet

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Part No.DescriptionPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
321-MG12" Audion Sealmaster Magneta - 3mm seal$1,190.00
421-MG16.5" Audion Sealmaster Magneta - 3mm seal$1,260.00
621-MG24.5" Audion Sealmaster Magneta$1,590.00
821-MGI32" Audion Sealmaster Magneta-5mm seal$2,555.00
1021-MGI40" Audion Sealmaster Magneta-5mm seal$2,785.00
421-MGM16.5" Audion Sealmaster Magneta-3mm seal - Electric $1,850.00
621-MGM24.5" Audion Sealmaster Magneta-3mm seal - Electric$2,260.00
821-MGMI32" Audion Sealmaster Magneta-5mm seal - Electric$3,100.00
1021-MGMI40" Audion Sealmaster Magneta-5mm seal - Electric$3,340.00
8A48101Spare Parts Kit for Sealmaster Magneta - includes one each of 8A23102 Knife Blade pack, 8A17020 Codeseal Wire, 8A17017 Sealbar Insulator, 8A17015 Sealbar Teflon Cover, 8A48516 Sealing Rubber, Silicone Grease. (Not for 821-MGI or 1021-MG)$255.00
5A17581Footpedal Assembly for Table Top Use of Magneta$125.00
3A23161SP321 Footpedal Stand for 321-MG$365.00
3A50161SP421 Footpedal Stand for 421-MG$365.00
3A57161SP621 Footpedal Stand for 621-MG$365.00
3E61162Footpedal Stand for 821-MGI$470.00
3E58162Footpedal Stand for 1021-MGI$605.00
3A23430Workshelf with Bag Support for 321-MG$145.00
3A50431Workshelf with Bag Support for 421-MG$160.00
3A57431Workshelf with Bag Support for 621-MG$200.00
3E61431Workshelf with Bag Support for 821-MGI$225.00
3A58431Workshelf with Bag Support for 1021-MGI$265.00
3A23650Rollers with Poly-Lock for 321-MG (use with foot-pedal stand to hold & roll layflat tubing)$145.00
3A18640Rollers with Poly-Lock for 421-MG (use with foot-pedal stand to hold & roll layflat tubing)$150.00
3A57650Rollers with Poly-Lock for 621-MG (use with foot-pedal stand to hold & roll layflat tubing)$145.00
3A21330RL600 Rolloflux - table top roller set to hold & roll layflat tubing$110.00
4A23670Codeseal Set Installed for 321-MG (to imprint coding in the seal area of bag) - can be purchased only with the machine.$365.00
4A50670Codeseal Set Installed for 421-MG (to imprint coding in the seal area of bag) - can be purchased only with the machine.$365.00
4A49671Codeseal Set Installed for 621-MG (to imprint coding in the seal area of bag) - can be purchased only with the machine.$375.00

Many options available to make using the Sealmaster Magneta easier and faster.

Standard versions come in five sizes from 12″ (300mm) to 40″ (1020mm)

NEW!! Electric Models. They are operated by the easy action of an electric foot switch. No manual operation, eliminates operator fatigue.

Very easy to maintain–the sealbar pops in and out in less than a minute and you are back in production. The new body style of the Sealmaster Magneta opens in the front or back, giving easy access to the inside of the unit. Finally, the new head style is much easier to adjust with externally mounted adjustment bolts.


321-MG | 421-MG | 621-MG | 821-MGI | 1021-MGI | 421-MGM | 621-MGM | 821-MGMI | 1021-MGMI | 8A48101 | 5A17581 | 3A23161 | 3A50161 | 3A57161 | 3E61162 | 3E58162 | 3A23430 | 3A50431 | 3A57431 | 3E61431 | 3A58431 | 3A23650 | 3A18640 | 3A57650 | 3A21330 | 4A23670 | 4A50670 | 4A49671

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