Cut Wire & Other Parts for Vertrod Sealers


West Coast Plastics Equipment, Inc. supplies parts for the Vertrod and Technaseal (div. Packaging Aids Corp.) line of sealers. We stock many of the parts and can give same day shipment for orders received by 2:00 pm PST. This page is for Cut Wire, Electronic & Other Parts which are manufactured according to the original Vertrod design. If you do not find the part you need please call or email for a quote.

Many parts in stock, FOB: Carson, CA.

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P531-10401-25Cut Wire .018 (teflon coated) - 25 ft. roll$56.50
P531-10401-50Cut Wire .018 (teflon coated) - 50 ft. roll$113.00
P531-10405-50Cut Wire .026 (teflon coated) - 50 ft. roll$113.00
P531-10410-50Cut Wire .033 (teflon coated) - 50 ft. roll$125.00
P511-10301Capstan for cut off wire$3.95
E111-31001Microswitch - BA2RL$35.00
H531-8201Terminal Block with pin & screw - small (1")$13.65
H531-8209Terminal Block with pin & screw - large (2")$13.65
H551-8301Terminal Block Spring - small$2.25
H551-8302Terminal Block Spring - large$2.25
H001-15201Wire Lead with Pin Jack$7.50
F750-29006Wire Lead Recepticle for Pin Jack$3.15
H001-15225Wire Lead with Supercon (supercedes PS25GR)$99.30
F750-29001RPSupercon Recepticle (RP25GR)$67.50
E117-27010Timer #333 (8-pin)$209.67

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P511-10301 | P531-10401-25 | P531-10401-50 | P531-10405-50 | P531-10410-50 | E111-31001 | H531-8201 | H531-8209 | H551-8301 | H551-8302 | H001-15201 | F750-29006 | F750-29001RP | H001-15225 | E117-27010

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Cut Wire & Other Parts for Vertrod Sealers
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