Economy Foot-Operated Impulse Sealers


The Foot-Operated Economy Impulse Sealers are ideal for larger bags and production volume of 500-800 bags per day. Manually operated, the operator uses foot pressure to hold down the foot pedal through the entire seal cycle. With standard adjustable work shelf. Available in 5 seal lengths and 4 seal widths. For sealing heavier materials, there are three models with dual heat (top & bottom) elements.

Economy Foot Sealer Parts

Foot Sealers usually ship in 1-2 days, FOB: Northridge, CA.

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Part No.Dual ElementDescriptionPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
TISF-302No12" Foot-Operated Sealer - 2mm seal (WCF-302)$457.50
TISF-305No12" Foot-Operated Sealer - 5mm seal (WCF-305)$505.50
TISF-452No18" Foot-Operated Sealer - 2mm seal (WCF-452)$513.00
TISF-455No18" Foot-Operated Sealer - 5mm seal (WCF-455)$558.50
TISF-602No24" Foot-Operated Sealer - 2mm seal (WCF-602)$570.00
TISF-605No24" Foot-Operated Sealer - 5mm seal (WCF-605)$618.00
WN-750FNo30" Foot-Operated Sealer - 2.7mm seal (WCF-753)$615.00
WN-900FNo36" Foot-Operated Sealer - 2.7mm seal (WCF-903) Oversize-truck only$834.75
W-300TYes12" Foot-Operated Sealer - 5mm seal (WCF-305D)$513.00
W-450TYes18" Foot-Operated Sealer - 5mm seal (WCF-455D)$582.00
W-600TYes24" Foot-Operated Sealer - 5mm seal (WCF-605D)$787.50

TISF-302 | TISF-305 | TISF-452 | TISF-455 | TISF-602 | TISF-605 | WN-750F | WN-900F | W-300T | W-450T | W-600T

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Economy Foot-Operated Impulse Sealers
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