Economy Impulse Auto Sealer


The Economy Impulse Auto Sealer is Fully Automatic or Foot-Operated. The units are electromagnetically powered, so no compressed air is needed. Just plug it in to a regular 120 volt wall outlet and you are ready to go. For production volume of approx. 1000 bags per day.

Auto Sealers usually ship in 1-2 days, FOB: Northridge, CA.

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Part No.DescriptionPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
W-300A12" Economy Auto Sealer - 2mm Seal (WCA-302)$583.50
W-305A12" Economy Auto Sealer - 5mm Seal (WCA-305)$592.50
TISA-45218" Economy Auto Sealer - 2mm Seal (WCA-452)$838.50
TISA-45518" Economy Auto Sealer - 5mm Seal (WCA-455)$883.50
TISA-60224" Economy Auto Sealer - 2mm Seal (WCA-602)$867.00
TISA-60524" Economy Auto Sealer - 5mm Seal (WCA-605)$900.00
SPARE PARTS KITSEach Kit includes 2 Nichrome Heat Elements, 1 Teflon Cover & 2 Teflon Insulators$0.00
RK-12A-W-300AParts Kit for W-300A (12" x 2mm) (WCA-302PK)$22.00
RK-12A5-W-305AParts Kit for W-305A (12" x 5mm) (WCA-305PK)$28.00
RK-18A-TISA-452Parts Kit for TISA-452 (18" x 2mm) (WCA-452PK)$28.00
RK-18A5-TISA-455Parts Kit for TISA-455 (18" x 5mm) (WCA-455PK)$36.00
RK-24A-TISA-602Parts Kit for TISA-602 (24" x 2mm) (WCA-602PK)$40.00
RK-24A5-TISA-605Parts Kit for TISA-605 (24" x 2mm) (WCA-605PK)$50.00

In the Auto Mode, the sealing process is continuously recycled at pre-set time intervals. The time intervals for the cycle are adjustable by the operator. In the Manual Mode, the unit is a table-top semi-automatic impulse sealer operated by an electric footswitch. In both modes, the heat cycle and cooling cycle are automatically controlled by timers that are set by the operator based on job specifications.

The Auto-Sealers are equipped with easily replaced elements and a spool-off teflon cover for easy maintenance. Their compact size and light weight makes them portable to go from job to job. They come in seal lengths of 12”, 18” or 24” with seal widths of 2mm or 5mm.

W-300A | W-305A | TISA-452 | TISA-455 | TISA-602 | TISA-605 | SPARE PARTS KITS | RK-12A-W-300A | RK-12A5-W-305A | RK-18A-TISA-452 | RK-18A5-TISA-455 | RK-24A-TISA-602 | RK-24A5-TISA-605

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Economy Impulse Auto Sealer
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