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West Coast Plastics offers the Gramatech Mighty Mutt GXMPV-18V table-top vacuum bag sealer.

Sealers ship in 6-8 Weeks, FOB: Sebastian, FL.

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GXMPV-18V18" Gramatech Mighty Mutt Vacuum Impulse Sealer$2,420.00
GXMPV-1818" Gramatech Mighty Mutt Impulse Sealer (Seal only, no vacuum)$1,980.00
GBP-SH19Self-Contained Option (internal compressor) for GXMPV-18V$1,100.00
GGF-MPVSingle Stage Gas Flush for GXMPV-18V$300.00
GBA-MPV18Bi-Active Seal System (top & bottom heat) for GXMPV-18V$325.00
GBP-SH18Stainless Steel Shelf for GXMPV-18V$225.00
GO-220220VAC 1-phase Electrical (110VAC standard)$450.00
GK-MMSpare Parts Kit for GXMPV-18V (includes1 teflon insulator, 3 teflon covers, 1 nichrome element, 2 terminal blocks, 1 seal rubber, 2 vacuum rubbers)$148.00

The Mighty Mutt comes standard with a retractable nozzle system made of stainless steel for easier packaging and greater sustained vacuum flow. Also standard is the venturi vacuum pump. The GXMPV-18V has been designed with a PLC control system that has a simple dial operator interface. The unit makes a 1/4” wide, 18” long impulse seal. All painted metal construction will give you many years of good service. It runs on standard 110-volt electrical and 90-100 psi compressed air.

Also available is the Mighty-Mutt Self-Contained Option. This option adds an internal compressor to the standard GXMPV-18V, so you can just plug it in anywhere you need it without having to have an external compressed air source.


Retractable Nozzle System – The Single Nozzle is in front of seal bar for vacuum cycle and retracts behind the bar for sealing cycle. The retractable nozzle allows for greater sustained vacuum flow and ease of bag loading as well as eliminating the need for package manipulation.

Stainless Steel Nozzles – A single high grade, high flow stainless steel vacuum nozzle. Stainless Steel is easier to clean and more durable than plastic nozzles used on many competitors’ machines.

Lightweight Metal Construction – The Mighty Mutt’s lightweight design and all metal construction gives you portability and durability. This feature gives you easy portability plus the durability you need for your packaging equipment investment

Impulse Sealing System – The Mighty Mutt uses a proven, safe and efficient impluse sealing system with wide 1/4″ flat band seal. An impulse sealing system means no wasted warm-up time and no dangerous “Hot Jaws”. Full 1/4″ width provides high seal integrity.

Venturi Vacuum – GXMPV-18V machines use a simple yet powerful Venturi with no moving or electrical parts. This proprietary Venturi increases compressor life while providing greater air flow thus increasing the cycle rate of the machine.


  • Self-Contained – Internal Compressor
  • Single Stage Gas Flush
  • Bi-Active Seal System
  • Work Shelf
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • 220V Electrical

Other options available – please call for more information. Click here for Gramatech Replacement Parts.


GXMPV-18V | GXMPV-18 | MPV-18 | GBP-SH19 | GGF-MPV | GBA-MPV18 | GBP-SH18 | GO-220 | GK-MM

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