Polyolefin Centerfold Shrink Film


West Coast Plastics offers the high quality polyolefin centerfold shrink film. Extremely versatile, polyolefin is stronger, clearer, and lower fume than other film materials. It works on all types of shrink packaging machinery.
Roll Sizes: 60 ga. 4370 foot rolls, 75 ga. 3500 foot rolls, 100 ga. 2624 foot rolls.

Shrink Film ships in 2-4 Days, FOB: Huntington Beach, CA.


All Variations

Part No.Roll Width by InchFilm GageRoll Length by FootDescriptionPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
SF-6-60660ga.4370PO Shrink Film$55.50
SF-6-75675ga.3500PO Shrink Film$55.50
SF-6-1006100ga.2624PO Shrink Film$55.50
SF-8-60860ga.4370PO Shrink Film$74.00
SF-8-75875ga.3500PO Shrink Film$74.00
SF-8-1008100ga.2624PO Shrink Film$74.00
SF-10-601060ga.4370PO Shrink Film$92.50
SF-10-751075ga.3500PO Shrink Film$92.50
SF-10-10010100ga.2624PO Shrink Film$92.50
SF-12-601260ga.4370PO Shrink Film$111.00
SF-12-751275ga.3500PO Shrink Film$111.00
SF-12-10012100ga.2624PO Shrink Film$111.00
SF-14-601460ga.4370PO Shrink Film$129.50
SF-14-751475ga.3500PO Shrink Film$129.50
SF-14-10014100ga.2624PO Shrink Film$129.50
SF-16-601660ga.4370PO Shrink Film$148.00
SF-16-751675ga.3500PO Shrink Film$148.00
SF-16-10016100ga.2624PO Shrink Film$148.00
SF-18-601860ga.4370PO Shrink Film$166.50
SF-18-751875ga.3500PO Shrink Film$166.50
SF-18-10018100ga.2624PO Shrink Film$166.50
SF-20-602060ga.4370PO Shrink Film$185.00
SF-20-752075ga.3500PO Shrink Film$185.00
SF-20-10020100ga.2624PO Shrink Film$185.00
SF-22-602260ga.4370PO Shrink Film$203.50
SF-22-752275ga.3500PO Shrink Film$203.50
SF-22-10022100ga.2624PO Shrink Film$203.50
SF-24-602460ga.4370PO Shrink Film$222.00
SF-24-752475ga.3500PO Shrink Film$222.00
SF-24-10024100ga.2624PO Shrink Film$222.00
SF-26-602660ga.4370PO Shrink Film$240.50
SF-26-752675ga.3500PO Shrink Film$240.50
SF-26-10026100ga.2624PO Shrink Film$240.50
SF-32-603260ga.4370PO Shrink Film$296.00
SF-32-753275ga.3500PO Shrink Film$296.00
SF-32-10032100ga.2624PO Shrink Film$296.00
SF-36-603660ga.4370PO Shrink Film$333.00
SF-36-753675ga.3500PO Shrink Film$333.00
SF-36-10036100ga.2624PO Shrink Film$333.00

SF-6-60 | SF-6-75 | SF-6-100 | SF-8-60 | SF-8-75 | SF-8-100 | SF-10-60 | SF-10-75 | SF-10-100 | SF-12-60 | SF-12-75 | SF-12-100 | SF-14-60 | SF-14-75 | SF-14-100 | SF-16-60 | SF-16-75 | SF-16-100 | SF-18-60 | SF-18-75 | SF-18-100 | SF-20-60 | SF-20-75 | SF-20-100 | SF-22-60 | SF-22-75 | SF-22-100 | SF-24-60 | SF-24-75 | SF-24-100 | SF-26-60 | SF-26-75 | SF-26-100 | SF-32-60 | SF-32-75 | SF-32-100 | SF-36-60 | SF-36-75 | SF-36-100

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Polyolefin Centerfold Shrink Film
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