Clamco 6800CS Side Sealer

The Clamco 6800CS is an economical intermittent motion, automatic side seal shrink wrapper. Compared to traditional automatic L-bar sealers, the 6800CS side sealer offers a unique advantage: it is capable of packaging products of virtually any length and at a high rate of speed. Using standard polyolefin or polyethylene center-folded shrink film, the versatile 6800CS side sealer wraps up to 4200 packs per hour.



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Excellent for a wide variety of package sizes, the 6800CS will accommodate parcels measuring 15.75” wide by 7.85” high, by almost any length – down to a package the size of a small book. The side sealer features an adjustable film inverting head, low, easy-to-reach film cradle, and accessible film adjustment controls that enable the operator to setup and begin production quickly and easily.

The intuitive, easy-to-navigate user interface may be learned quickly for operators of average skill level. The digital display indicates key packing statistics, including: production rate, packaging efficiency, 20 program memory and more. Twin doors provide easy access to all functional areas.

User benefits
• Temperature controlled system provides repeatable, strong seals
• Power take-away and tunnel conveyors share a common height adjustment to provide for smooth product transfer
• Heavy-duty design for 24×7 productivity, with minimal maintenance
• Scrap collection area for reduced cleanup time clean-up time
• Live/dead roller system allows the use of a wide variety of films
• Dwell control provides additional flexibility
• Powerful magnetic hold down for consistent trim seal pressure
Set-up benefits
• Automatic seal centering on both the side seal and the cross seal, for a cleaner, more attractive package
• Automatic product length detection allows individual or multiple products to be wrapped
• Quick changeover and 20-program memory enables machine set-up in fewer than five minutes
• Low film cradle with inverted head for easy film loading
Operating benefits
• Seals packages of virtually any length – quickly and efficiently
• Integrates easily with shrink tunnel
• Use with a wide variety of films
• Twin door access to key functional areas
• PTFE-coated side seal blade works with standard shrinkfilms (up to 120 gauge polyolefin)
• Trim take-up spool keeps work area clean
• On-board troubleshooting menu
Safety benefits
• Fully enclosed mechanical areas ensure operator safety
• Smooth and quiet operation reduces noise
• Compliance with CE regulations ensures improved safety
• Easy-to-reach emergency shut-off
Options and Accessories
• Polyethylene cross seal bar for 0.6–3.0 mil. polyethylene film
• Stainless steel frame for applications in the food industry
• Print registration for pre-printed film
• Safety photocell prevents cross seal bar from contacting product

  • Conveyor Speed: 25–95 ft/min
  • Production capacity: up to 70 cycles per minute
  • Cross seal bar width: 9.75”
  • Maximum product width:15.75”
  • Maximum product height: 7.85”
  • Maximum product length: unlimited
  • Maximum film width: 23.5”
  • Maximum film roll diameter:13.75”
  • Electrical requirements: 220 Volt, 7 Amps, 3 Phase
  • Air requirement: 90 psi
  • Shipping weight: 1,800 lbs
  • Machine size (w x d x h): 86” x 61” x 61”


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