PackRite Thermo Jaw Sealers


   PackRite Thermo Jaw Sealers

The PackRite Thermo-Jaw Sealer is an economical, easy-to-use jaw-type sealer operated by foot-pedal. Heavy duty heating elements and brass sealing bars in the upper and lower jaws provide uniform and sufficient penetration to achieve a high quality, airtight seal. The machine’s adjustable thermostat permits accurate temperature control 200-500°F, further assuring superior seal integrity.

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64083083TJH14010000Thermo-Jaw Sealer - 12" seal with flat jaws$799.00
64083091TJH15010000Thermo-Jaw Sealer - 15" seal with vertical serrations$799.00
64083097TJH16010000Thermo-Jaw Sealer - 15" seal with horizontal serrations$799.00
64082430PRAC0040000Universal Product Stand$297.00
64083120TMJ16011000Thermo Motor-Jaw Sealer - 15" flat seal - with dwell$2,455.00
64083124TMJ16012000Thermo Motor-Jaw Sealer - 15" seal with vertical serrations - with dwell$2,455.00
64083126TMJ16012000Thermo Motor-Jaw Sealer - 15" seal with horizontal serrations - with dwell$2,455.00
64082430PRAC0040000Universal Product Stand$297.00

The PackRite Thermo-Jaw is designed for use on a wide variety of heat-sealable materials, including cellophane, polycel, glassine, laminates, overcap labels, polypropylene, krafts, foils and even MIL Spec materials. It is manually operated by foot pedal.

The types of sealing impressions are available: flat smooth seal, or wide horizontal crimp with 12 horizontal serrations on the width. The Thermo-Jaw comes with 1” wide seal bars.

The PackRite Thermo Motor-Jaw Sealer is a motorized version of the Thermo-Jaw. It is a versatile, motorized heat sealing machine that provides either continuous automatic or intermittent stop/start cycling with the flip of a switch. In the automatic mode, up to 30 packages per minute can be sealed. In the intermittent mode, the machine is controlled by footswitch. The dwell option allows the user to adjust the seal time for the various types of materials.


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